The most dangerous word ever created by the human mind is “God” because each of us defines it in our own way.  Some take this individual definition so absolutely and personally that they secretly desire to kill anyone who hears this word differently.

These “killers” are lazy and violent – lazy, because they’re unwilling to think beyond their own internal conflicts – and violent because, if they did, they’d just get bored, and forget about what was upsetting them.

The truth is, people who don’t know what they truly believe resist thinking and get angry when urged to do so – like being rudely awakened in the morning when they should have already been up and around –“Why are you bothering me?” “Do you want me to kill you for disturbing my sleep?”

This is why, for some, the word “God” bears a similar loaded charge to “Gun” – they don’t appreciate being closely questioned about what they don’t know – especially if their reluctance centers on religion.

So, addressing a person and asking them what they really mean about “God” can be dangerous.

That being so, how do you think it might go to try to wake up seven billion people and ask them, spiritually, what they truly understand? After all, Socrates tried this on a much smaller scale – and it didn’t work out too well for him!


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