God is always shining into our world – but we’re told it’s too much light for our poor eyes –

So religions segregate a few tinders out of the blazing torches carried into the world by God’s Illumined Messengers and hide them deep inside stone fortresses to preserve them for the ages – but God’s light doesn’t need this protection.

When people finally become courageous enough to remove their hands from their eyes, they’ll find they no longer need these protected little flames –

Because, then, they’ll be free enough to go outside themselves and see what’s happening in God’s world –


From “Diner Mystic”


1. Why the Southern Hemisphere?

Because the Northern Hemisphere finds its primary meaning in technological materialism. It’s difficult to gain much spiritual perspective living inside an essentially nonspiritual world that’s largely unexamined. Yes, the South has been influenced by all of this, but has managed to retain most of its “humanness” – especially with respect to God, nature, and purely human qualities.

2. Why female?

Because I believe men have taken human spirituality about as far as possible for them. As a result, the world’s current spiritual state appears to be fairly exhausted. I believe it’s time for an amazing new vision of God and humanity, including what the men have already achieved, but going much farther, wider, and deeper – that will result in a fading out of the extreme violence of men, along with their rigid hierarchical systems and harsh competitiveness – to make room for more enduring spiritual qualities – like truth, love, justice, and, given the natural spiritual openness of women – beauty.

3. The prophet.

A female prophet of our time has already appeared – Arundhati Roy – who has been speaking out fearlessly on behalf of God in a sharp critical analysis of the current state of our world. She needs our attention and support.

4. Why will “the purest girl in the world” need to be an avatar?

Even though she’ll be a part of an emerging deeply human spiritual movement, some person has to embody (as if straight from God) the best humanity is capable of achieving at a given point in time. She’ll be that person, and more – she’ll be able to explain everything we need to reconcile humanity with God, nature, and one another. She’ll also embody a greater intelligent-love (if you can imagine that) than Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed – because she’ll be starting at the point at which they left off.

Again, I’m calling for you little one – we need you to arrive as soon as possible!


“The Kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21 (Emphasis added)

Do we become “God” when we have achieved the highest/best level of humanity?


Do we become “God” upon enlightenment or, much more rarely, upon arrival as an Avatar of the Age?

Again, no.

Are human beings such a key part of reality that we may serve as a symbol for everything else – at least intellectually – and so, from that perspective, might be viewed as “equivalent to God”?

Good heavens, no!


God doesn’t want us to aspire to be “God”. God wants for us only to be our “true self” – so that we may gain entry into that “kingdom of God” that’s “within” us.


This “true self” is what God always intended for us to be – that is, the person we were destined to become if we ever stop working so hard at embellishing our ego self.

A true self is what God desires for everything and everybody – after all, cardinals, bees, and galaxies all exist exactly as God intends – however, none of them are given the freedom to become “something else,” i.e., to change themselves – like we are.

One day, when we decide to drop our false selves – like discarded clothes – we’ll be able to make an initial appearance into that innermost “kingdom of God”.

Upon returning to this interior “Eden,” and thereby gaining the self-reflective intelligence, spontaneity, and freedom that’s natural to human beings – it’s true that we’ll become “like” God – but only in the sense that we’ll have become as “natural” as God.

Listen – I’ll say it one more time since there’s so much confusion about this (especially from the world’s self–appointed, self-enriched gurus) – the point is not for us to become “God” – but only, while remaining a normal human being who has given up their artificial ego self – to become as natural as God.


In order to meet God, you have to throw yourself out the window
Along with everything you own –
And everything you ever wanted to own.

Then, you have to polish the bare floors and paint the walls white –
Bring in a single flower –
And wait –

Waiting in train stations of ordinary life
Brings engines traveling to desirable places –
But never to God –

Waiting in department stores of dreams
Brings colorful visions to help pass our time waiting –
But not God – no never.

Some say you need to be “born again” to meet God – and that may be,
But I say just start throwing everything you have and are
Out the window –
And that’ll get you there the fastest!


Not normally. I think it comes more often in a series of modest hops, skips, and tiny jumps.

Moses went up to the mountaintop and got an entire set of laws for his people – in one trip.
Buddha sat under his friendly tree until, one day, it came – suddenly.

But there’s another way:

Every time you hear what you recognize as the truth – about anything –
Immediately accept it!

It’s not so much that these little truths can add up to transcendence, even though sometimes they might, but doing so strengthens your courage – and that does matter –
After all, experiencing God is not for the weak-hearted.

The same holds true for love, beauty, and justice – immediately accept and affirm them whenever they appear in your life.

This is a spiritual journey deep into the valley of the Holy – that is, the closer you get to God, the more exciting life becomes, the more intense the colors – the more “real” everything appears.

Your conventional self usually resists taking chances like this – especially in traveling towards God. However, the acceptance of a blind stasis, is your real Satan – i.e., the being, force, or energy that desires you to “stop” and “die” in every possible manner.

So, if Satan is “Death,” in all its various entropic forms; God, of course, must be “Life,” as represented in all its amazing manifestations. However, don’t make the mistake that God and Satan reside “geographically” in Heaven or Hell; they live, instead, in your heart where you are constantly having to make choices.

That’s why it’s imperative for you to develop healthy spiritual habits so that, without even thinking about it, you’ll always choose life.

A superhuman leap occasionally may achieve transcendence, but it’s only small steady steps in the right direction that will reliably get you there.


When you “die,” while still being alive, you’ll be free
To be nobody – that is, someone who’s totally in love with God.

This liberation occurs the moment
All the roles you’ve been straining to hold up to the world’s view
Fall of their own weight –
Including your name and identity.

Yet “you’ll” still remain, just as you’ve always been, isn’t that right?

When you “die” while still being alive, you’ll be free to travel straight to God –
And you’ll do it –
Really, where else would you go –

Everything I’m saying here applies to each and every moment in your life –
There’s really no distinction between before and after –
Only fewer distractions once you’ve arrived.

Listen, joy is joy,
God is God,
And you are you –
In all worlds.

Hear that distant singing? Listen carefully, it’s your own joy
Calling down to you.


Jesus taught that the spirit is like the wind. Time is also like the wind, pouring like a waterfall out of the future, rushing through the present, and flowing swiftly out into the past. Space, too, is like the wind, since whatever space we are occupying is always changing – either it’s moving away from us or we’re moving away from it.

So, space and time – our world – turns out to be very much like the spirit, i.e., like the “wind”. One day we’re born at a specific place and time and the next day we’re dying at another place and time. In our lives, we’re blown like wind through these two points when, after carefully consulting our minds and hearts, we’ll discover we retain only our spiritual experiences –the love, truth, justice and beauty we’ve created in our lives – while nothing else remains.

From “Diner Mystic”