We believe it’s impossible to “be like God” –
So, instead, we dissolve into puffy white clouds
And float across endless blue skies.

We’ve also come to believe that it’s impractical for us to “die”
In order to live,
But, on unique occasions, we’re able to do it anyway.

After all, Jesus did it, and not just at the end of his life –
But every moment of every day –
So, logically,
So can we.

Overhead, “death” circles
Like a buzzing blue-bottle fly.

Go away death!
We don’t want to be stung
Into life


The world’s up on a stage –
Out in front, a huge audience has been assembling.

We take on various roles,
And applaud or not, depending upon our mood.

Beautiful women, selling oranges, make their way
Through the crowds –
And even up on the stage where the nobles sit.

We eat, watch,
And play our given parts –
Noble, commoner,
Playwright, orange.

Shakespeare thought
The entire world could be envisioned as up on a stage
Playing out his plays.

Everyone else thinks pretty much the same thing –
Sometimes, collectively calling that production “the world as we know it” –
While each of us tries to reserve the best parts for our “self.”

The production always ends with a standing ovation –

Of the self, by the self, and for the self.


Ghosts, if they exist, don’t qualify as “Spirit” in God’s eyes –
Neither does any amount of religious enthusiasm –

Spirit is not part of any “Trinity” either, no matter what the Church says –
Nor does it reside solely in people’s immaculate minds.

In fact, Spirit isn’t even “mystical” –
Any more than anything else is.

“Spirit” can best be identified as waking up when you’re already awake!

The West doesn’t value this –
Nor has it even been curious about it –
Mainly, because Spirit isn’t available for commercial or political manipulation –

In fact, the West gave up its love for Spirit a very very long time ago.

Today, we’re like children playing in the sand
Intent on carrying out made-up roles –

Spending time quietly with one another
Until our parents finally call us home.


Once, God was a little boy
Who liked to venture outdoors
And play in bright woods or along an endless seashore.

Later, when God grew older – with a full beard –
He enjoyed sitting beside the fire in the evening
And making up stories about people he had once met.

When God died, however, no one knew,
Because – even though God was a friendly old guy –
He mostly preferred his solitude.


Once, God was a little girl
Who enjoyed playing with dolls
And baking cookies shaped like stars.

When God became a woman with long hair
and beautiful hips –
As she walked down the street, everyone
Wanted to follow her.

When God died, all the beauty in the world began to fade –
So, now, all we have left are a few ancient hieroglyphs –
We don’t know what they say, except that:


She was beautiful.
He was a kind.


Two of the older faiths.


Here’s the question:

Can we be like Jesus –
I mean really like Jesus?

Or will he, instead, need to be eternally
Praying and paying
For us?

In other words,
Is it possible for each of us to communicate directly with God,
Or will we need to continue reciting denominational prayers
And forwarding them on to Jesus
For some later delivery?

Should we really be anxious about experiencing God individually –
Since, if God is Love, shouldn’t we feel free to run right to God –
Knowing God’s there, waiting for us?

Theology, steeples, sermons, and hymns –
All, in their varied ways, repeat: “Jesus is Lord” –

But that isn’t what Jesus prayed for –
Instead, he wanted each of us to become our own miracle.

He taught:

In this life – it’s you – and only you – who are eternal!


If there is no God
There are no longer any boundaries either –
Which is why, recently, the world’s been filling up with supermen
Who flourish best in anti-reality.

The problem with being strong in this way, however,
Is that supermen are able to withstand enormous amounts of self-destruction
Without having to admit there’s a problem.

Eventually, of course, even supermen
Come to a “tragic end” –
Fading like a comic strip left out in the sun.

But this won’t stop newer, more contemporary supermen from still going strong –
Making up reality as they go.

Jesus warned against this kind of behavior –
Always stressing humility.

That’s why they’ve had to remake the Christian religion
From top to bottom –
So that the red capes can continue streaming –

Superman, superman, despite all your superpowers,
You aren’t really real
Are you?