Capitalism and empire, recently empowered by Evangelical Trump voters,
Have the intent, mostly unconscious, to destroy any hope for human spiritual evolution.

A Tsunami of artificial intelligence is impending over the world –
With capitalism as its groaning satanic engine –
Is leading human beings to the verge of doom
Unless some unexpected startling reflective human enlightenment
Enables us to avoid such impending dumpster fire.

Over the past eight or so years, Evangelicals have been tearing off the head of Jesus
And replacing it with a Trump/Putin clone
Causing the hope for human spiritual evolution –
Originally gifted by Jesus’ personal sacrifice –
To begin disappearing.

So, who’ll say what’s obvious and what can be rallied behind?
It’s women – who’re always left out –
Especially an individual woman who understands and embodies
All prior male spiritual evolution.

She’ll say: “Okay, I’m ready!”
“Don’t be afraid.”
“Here’s what we’re going to do” –
“We’re going to make a pivot that’ll save us all.

With traditional human values of wealth and power as our former spiritual engines –
Inevitably, they’re now on track to destroy us all –
So, they’ll have to be totally replaced
By Love, Truth, Justice, and Beauty
And, most of all, by comprehensive Freedom –
All coming to be accepted as the real God – who comprises them all –
And who we’ll love (even in our modern world) with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength.

Please see us, beautiful one, our coming female Messiah,
Please come now

After all, this is your time!


What happens when one achieves “enlightenment”?

Does this suddenly enable us to “see reality”
Bypassing fantasies of power and success –
Beyond adolescent desires beckoning us ever upward.

Yes, it’s accepting that whatever’s there – is there.

Alternatively, it could be when “we” disappear
And become “nothing” –
Each instant appearing new
As we become birthed and rebirthed an infinite number of times –
Everything experienced “fresh” –
Always fresh.

Isn’t that what God is like – as experienced through a human body.

Most of the time, though, we’re simply regular selves –
That is until, suddenly, we remember we’re enlightened –
And flicker into “life” –
Opening up like a red flower blossoming in an orange sun.

This “self” is able to change as fast as new experiences pile in –

Actually, even babies know how to do this!