Even though God is a person,
God isn’t a person, or a power,
Or even the culmination of all the thoughts that have ever been thought –

In other words, God is not an object –
God is a door.

Most of the time, however, we aren’t thinking about doors,
Much less Spirit –
Mainly, we’re thinking about ourselves,
Our possessions or troubles –
And in church,
We worship God as an object –
Much like any other object in our lives.

Sometimes, we think about death –
Another kind of door –
But not for long.

A real God, however –
The one we need so terribly,
Is always a door out of ourselves –

A door to truth, love, justice
And beauty –
That door!
The one that passing through leaves us radiant –

It’s the door to an inner garden
Where a fountain of joy can be found –

The door we wish for with all our hearts,
But almost never find –

Unconsciously, we understand how difficult ecstasy is to achieve,
And that, in order to pass through and discover it,
We need to become
Someone else –

The stranger in our dreams
We’ve always hoped to meet.


When a human animal meets a human being, he immediately starts looking for something to eat, and, if nothing “edible” appears, he’ll probably get bored or angry.

When a human being meets a human animal, she may feel amused or loving, but sad at the waste.

When a human being meets another human being, they recognize one another. A bemused sparkling in their eyes announces the mutual acknowledgement of God’s presence. Upon this joyful recognition, the surrounding space fills with light and laughter.

From “Diner Mystic”


Jesus didn’t die in order to establish a worldwide religious institution named for himself –
He died so that you and everyone else in the world could experience being “born again” –
If that’s what we want –
Which means follow in God’s “Spirit”
Instead of obsessing about our usual material concerns.

Jesus died establishing Love, Truth, Justice,
And, yes, even Beauty –
As the principal attributes of the Holy Spirit – that is, of “God”.

Jesus didn’t die in order to establish a priestly profession
Or so that tens of thousands of church buildings might be built –
He didn’t die for Torah or the New Testament either –
He died so that people could become free
To live their lives for God instead of their ego selves.

Jesus died illustrating for us the kind of courage
Required from vulnerable human beings who are presently living in this world –
He died, in essence, demonstrating the kind of spiritual freedom
That’s available to a “child of God”.
Jesus showed us all a new way to live –
But humanity refused his gift and quickly re-established its old ways –
Asserting – against common sense and everything Jesus taught –
That following the dictates of a vast religious establishment
Could actually make us free.

Since the church Constantine founded (along with its offshoots)
Has devolved into something like a Twenty First Century sociological fossil
That continues to take up too much of the space and time
People need to become spiritually free –

I think
Society now needs to flip –

Open up its previously closed male-designed spiritual doors –
And welcome the purest girl in the world
On her way to becoming the first Southern Hemisphere Avatar
Who’ll be able to respond to God’s call for someone to spiritually refresh the world
And provide us with a previously undiscovered spiritual vision that will change everything –
Just like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed once did –
Someone who’ll lovingly call God down to earth.

So where are you little one?


People, today, are much too busy to think about God –
Too busy to pray – and also –
Too busy to even notice the brilliance of Nature’s seasonal displays.

God wanted to get people over their material obsessions to live a more spiritual life –
But, unfortunately, people haven’t been concerned about that at all.

Increasing numbers of people are moving ever more quickly through their lives –
Like human bullets shot from birth –
Ignoring their need for slowness – that is, taking their time.

God is surprised at this –
But shouldn’t be.

A wind is rising, but nobody notices
Since they’re situated so deep inside their office parks.

Flowers have been releasing exquisite odors all morning
But peoples’ noses are stuck deep inside their coffee cups.

God gave us a natural world in which to live
But we’ve constructed a separate world designed for conventional lives.

I think we’ve already made our choice:

The only question being –
Is it truly irrevocable?


Babies are totally open to God – arriving in the form of pure energy. Since they come straight from God, they’re completely natural upon arrival. But after a surprise landing in this world, they need to figure out how to survive – in this given time and place. So they do, but the cost is high. They’re faced with the necessity of becoming someone people who’re already here are able to recognize and the culture use. Since they’re raised by parents – people who’ve already made the requisite compromises – the baby should ultimately find itself able to “fit in”.

So, this baby, who started out life as a tiny energy “sun,” will eventually start dimming because so much of her natural energy will be perceived as being “alien” to her surroundings. There’re no human words for the kind of energy that doesn’t fit into this world – only God has the precise words for that.

Eventually, the baby matures – becoming a “person,” developing her own ego, and eventually becoming an “integral part of society”.

By that time, the baby, unfortunately, will have lost much of the beautiful spontaneous energy God had originally provided her with.

Someday, however, that baby – once an adult – might begin wondering where all her previous energy had gone and whether it might ever be regained. She might even begin remembering what it was like to live in “the Garden,” and realize that, in order for her to return, she might have to give up everything.

Happily, though, she’ll soon come to understand that, since she’s no longer a child and is now capable of an adult’s understanding, she’ll be able, if she so decides, to start living as an adult and recapturing all her original energy – by giving up her ego and start living as her true self .

That’s when she’ll be met with the necessity of surrendering – not everything as she had at first thought – but only her self-created false ego.

If her ego presses her hard, however – and it probably will – not to let it go –
She’ll let go anyway – like a balloon that simply floats away into the blue!

That’s what Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed did –
And that’s what she’ll do too.


“Everything!” say the Zen people
But have no idea, really, how that might work.

“Nothing” says 21st Century Man
And doesn’t give it another thought.

Actually, it’s naming a specific object or task
As being “holy” –
As if, by naming it, one can make it so.

There are those who try to eat the sacred
Believing, by swallowing it, you can bring God inside you –
Many religions practice a form of this belief.

The word “sacred” has also been used by various religions
And their faithful
As an “Open Sesame” to their proprietary collective –
A password that can get you past the front door.

Usually, when one claims something is “sacred,” they mean it’s “related to God” –
Something God has “touched” in the past and might want to touch again.

Are there people that, in and of themselves, are sacred?
Or is it only when such a person touches an object that makes it so –
For example, a spiritual symbol that can be worn on a gold chain
Ensuring that, if one suddenly dies, they’ll have a better chance of ending up with God?

Maybe sacred objects are simply reminders passed by along the road of life
Muttering: “There’s something important you’ve been missing.”

Back here, though, in the land of sunshine,
One final bit of unconscious joy is allocated just before we pass
To brighten up our final step
Into glory or, alternatively, to the place that’s quickly going dark.

Hopefully, long before then, you’ll be allowed the time to become a little more
“Sacred” yourself –
You know – along with God – in the land of the living.