Welcome to “Diner Mystic”

Welcome to Diner Mystic, written by a person no better than you or anyone else is, but who’s deeply in love with God and who hopes that you are too.  My intention is to raise questions many of us have wanted to ask but, up until now, have been too shy or reluctant to raise.

This “Diner Mystic” likes a cup of coffee along with a piece of cherry pie, just like most everybody else, and has all the faults and virtues of other human beings, except that I might be one of the freest people you’ll ever meet.

Please feel welcome to comment on anything in this blog or book that you wish – the latter of which I view as a “first draft” for the world we’re fast approaching. I hope that, stimulated by the book, or this blog, that one or more of you will be inspired to sit down and write the next, even more amazing, version for our fellow “Nones” to reflect upon.

In today’s post, I address the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent erasure out of the Constitution of the substantive distinction, with respect to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, between natural human beings created by God and business corporations which are artificial legal entities created for the purpose of aggregating capital.

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