Babies are totally open to God – arriving in the form of pure energy. Since they come straight from God, they’re completely natural upon arrival. But after a surprise landing in this world, they need to figure out how to survive – in this given time and place. So they do, but the cost is high. They’re faced with the necessity of becoming someone people who’re already here are able to recognize and the culture use. Since they’re raised by parents – people who’ve already made the requisite compromises – the baby should ultimately find itself able to “fit in”.

So, this baby, who started out life as a tiny energy “sun,” will eventually start dimming because so much of her natural energy will be perceived as being “alien” to her surroundings. There’re no human words for the kind of energy that doesn’t fit into this world – only God has the precise words for that.

Eventually, the baby matures – becoming a “person,” developing her own ego, and eventually becoming an “integral part of society”.

By that time, the baby, unfortunately, will have lost much of the beautiful spontaneous energy God had originally provided her with.

Someday, however, that baby – once an adult – might begin wondering where all her previous energy had gone and whether it might ever be regained. She might even begin remembering what it was like to live in “the Garden,” and realize that, in order for her to return, she might have to give up everything.

Happily, though, she’ll soon come to understand that, since she’s no longer a child and is now capable of an adult’s understanding, she’ll be able, if she so decides, to start living as an adult and recapturing all her original energy – by giving up her ego and start living as her true self .

That’s when she’ll be met with the necessity of surrendering – not everything as she had at first thought – but only her self-created false ego.

If her ego presses her hard, however – and it probably will – not to let it go –
She’ll let go anyway – like a balloon that simply floats away into the blue!

That’s what Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed did –
And that’s what she’ll do too.

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