Emptiness can be glamorous because, existentially, it’s so free!
Some people want it, demand it, and at times live only for it.

Emptiness – (a long drum roll) –
And then, suddenly, “Bang” – you’ve become a new being –
Surprising even yourself!

God spends nearly forever helping us on this particular path –
You can feel God as God comes closer –
Suddenly, you awake, become stimulated, and then “turned on” –
Aware that “This is your time!”

Time to tumble down a long hill into reality –
Time to draw a “picture” that resonates
With anyone who ever glances up –
And in.

So, there’s the heart you’ve mostly been unaware of –
Beating while you’re still sleeping –
But when this heart finally awakens you’ll be denied nothing –
Because the first step on the way to the Kingdom of God
Is no different from the last –
Since God can “hear” you – regardless of whether you’re near or far!

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