“They really enjoy the hate!”
                                                 A new student voter

He says nothing rational
This unloving unlovable mud creature
He lies like diarrhea
So what’s the attraction?

Some say it’s “attitude” –
Denying they agree with him on everything
They applaud the “performance.”

All these people traveling off the cliff together
Enjoying the hate –
Taking a deep cathartic plunge into an exhilaration of loathing.

One thought on “ATTITUDE

  1. Your writing touched me…and I was finally able to vomit this out:

    I have been assaulted
    but I look at my hands, my legs my torso
    And there is neither blood nor bruise
    Not a broken bone, nor a stitch needed

    I hurt all over
    But especially my chest
    My breathing is labored

    I strive to be a good man and fail all too often
    GRACIUS, something I try to be more often than I am
    Judeo-Christian teachings point to kind and fair treatment for all
    It is good not just for others, but especially good for me
    No one has a monopoly on opportunity or hope

    We have two hands, at least one is for helping others
    I feel whole when I am kind and not thinking of myself alone
    Alone is what I feel when I’m only thinking of myself

    By people being unkind, for making fun of the handicapped, for caring only for themselves
    For calling the poor and the downtrodden rapists, and murderers for wanting a better life
    For separating children from their parents
    For the gluttony of those that have too much already and lie to squeeze more for themselves

    My values, my heroes, my aspirations, my very raison d’etre
    These are being constantly assaulted
    It would have been easier to bear
    Had I just been physically beaten.

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