The problem with acting out of an “ego” or “puppet” is that it results in inauthenticity.

There’s no possibility for “enlightenment” without first attaining the ability to “see” oneself. Self-reflection is the prerequisite to conscious human change. If one desires to drop one’s ego, one needs to see that ego clearly – and then decide upon the necessary changes to accomplish that. Self-reflection that is non-spiritual in nature, however, is often used to increase the effectiveness of one’s ego roles, to make the manipulation of others more effective, and so add to one’s power and influence in the world. But, alternatively, critical self-reflection permits one to sit on God’s throne, look down and through oneself, and then make the changes necessary to bring ourselves into a more natural relationship with God and others.

Self-reflection is often assisted by being viewed in the context of some special spiritual quality like “truth.” We often find ourselves embellishing our character or accomplishments to make ourselves “look better.” But we should not do this. Only by expressing the truth in each particular circumstance is what makes it possible to “free” ourselves from our egoistic self-puppet. Slowly, surely, self-reflection brings us closer to God as we become our “true self.”

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