When someone criticizes you –
Before rising up and becoming three or four times larger –
Before opening up a fire hose of ferocity –
Or even speaking a single word –

You must die.

Say: “So long” –
And become nobody.

This is what Jesus meant by “Blessed are the poor in spirit” –
That is, the less you are, the less you have to protect.

Each time you decide you are someone,
You’ll end up struggling to manipulate yourself into that kind of worldly acceptability,
While at the same time others will be attempting to get a hold on you –
Sensing your vulnerability.

But God can’t be manipulated
And the same’s true for the kind of people who have given up their egos –
It would be like trying to get a firm grip on the wind – or water.

Listen, accept all criticism – no matter how harsh –
If you can ever make it over your mountain chains of self-justification and self-satisfaction
You’ll be able to see forever.

If the attack is a lie – you won’t even notice it –
However, if bad feelings begin flying up and incinerating inside your heart –
It probably means it did have some truth in it.

So, it’s undeniable, isn’t it, that your enemies are also your best friends,
Because they really enjoy telling you
Everything you don’t want to hear but most need to know.

One thought on “BEST FRIENDS

  1. Somehow I missed this one when you first wrote it (so my comment is late).

    Best Friends holds a VERY powerful message, so difficult to follow (the first few times I tried it), but for me, it becomes peace-filled and second nature and it has given me the freedom to feel my own power.

    A fellow I didn’t particularly like told me something about 25-years ago; I will never forget him for giving me this gift (the saying):

    “Through your defenselessness will you become truly free”

    It has saved me A LOT of GRIEF!!!!

    If you want to try it (i.e. not immediately defend yourself when you think you are being attacked), just be prepared because for the first few times I did it, my mind was SCREAMING “IF YOU DON’T PROTECT YOURSELF, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE (OR GET SCREWED)”! When that happened, I focused on taking a deep breaths, on lowering my heart rate and waiting…and waiting…and waiting. After 5 minutes, to my surprise, I realized that I was still ALIVE and nothing FATAL had happened!!!!!! The next time, the screaming was just a bit quieter.

    It may take awhile to get a ‘success’ with this, but remember you’ve not been doing this for how many years? Don’t forget…”Even Moses started out as a basket case!”

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