In order to meet God, you have to throw yourself out the window
Along with everything you own –
And everything you ever wanted to own.

Then, you have to polish the bare floors and paint the walls white –
Bring in a single flower –
And wait –

Waiting in train stations of ordinary life
Brings engines traveling to desirable places –
But never to God –

Waiting in department stores of dreams
Brings colorful visions to help pass our time waiting –
But not God – no never.

Some say you need to be “born again” to meet God – and that may be,
But I say just start throwing everything you have and are
Out the window –
And that’ll get you there the fastest!

2 thoughts on “OUT THE WINDOW

  1. ‘Throwing everything out’ is a metaphor for opening yourself up, not holding on to ‘things or concepts’. By freeing yourself from things that bind us, we make room for the wonderful world we live in and wonderful people we have yet to meet to touch us, to make us think, to make us question, to give us another chance. You never know what will happen (thus the fear) BUT my experience is that I have never been disappointed.

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