God is a word
And that word is “God” –

In a sense, God has to be a word
Because we only “think” in words.

Words are made up of nothing –
But they’re all we have.

Actually, words just point

For example, God points at God
And says: Look at me –
Not at yourself.

Also – you might want to
Look at “love” or “truth”

If you can bear it.

God “says” (since that’s how God generally reaches out to us):

“Look at me,”

“I’m a ‘Word.’”

2 thoughts on “GOD IS A WORD

  1. Many years ago, I noticed an interesting phenomenum. When I reread something personal which I had written in one of those ‘flow of ideas, just let it come, don’t think about what I’m writing, don’t filter and don’t correct moments,’, the specific words I had written tell me things about myself which I either never knew or had only guessed at. If I let my mind go free, my brain is much more in touch with my emotions than is normally the case.

    For example, in writing about an important relationship in my life, I wrote the word ‘war’. In rereading it, I realized that I could have picked many words, ‘…conflict, argumentative, disagreeable, quarrelous, discordant, controversial, struggle, incompatible, clash, etc. Yet, in the absence of ‘thinking and analyzing, my brain at the behest of my emotions, chose ‘war’. In thinking about that word, I realized it was THE right word. It captured the ‘conflict’ (i.e. serious and dangerous), my view of the conflict (i.e., both physically and psycholgoically threatening), and the probable ending (i.e. death of one of us).

    I was wondering if any other reader of this blog has had the same experience? For those who have NOT had the experience, I hardily recommend it…you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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