One’s approach to truth shouldn’t be too narrow,
Because, eventually, when it does open up, it’s always broader, deeper, and reaches farther
Than one first thought possible.

At first, truth opens up inside a single mind,
Like a first spring blossom,
But then, unable to be contained there,
Explodes out into God’s universal mind.

The truth can’t be hidden – even kept secret for long –
Because as soon as it arrives, it’s like the sun –
When first light arrives – you’re able to see everything.

It’s also like a giant train arriving at a station –
When it’s here, it’s undeniable –
People get on if they need to get somewhere.

The truth is a gleaming arrow shot by God
Through an ancient heart of darkness –
That, when it’s “killed” by truth –
Stays dead forever.

Many men and women love the truth so much
They sacrifice their entire lives searching for it –

Those who do worship truth, are worshipping God at the same time –
Usually, without knowing it.

2 thoughts on “TRUTH

  1. Never thought of it that way…but in fact, I guess ‘truth’ and a ‘higher power’ are, on a spiritual level, one and the same. Thank you, you’ve given me something to think about.


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