In other words, is “God” just another name for the “Good”?
And, if so, wouldn’t that make it difficult to remain an atheist or agnostic?

The “Good” doesn’t require religious institutions
Like ministers, rabbis, or priests to support its natural state –
And, in fact, don’t they sometimes undermine it?

Perhaps we should consider getting rid of the word “God” altogether
Because, given the hypocrisy traditionally inherent in religion,
Couldn’t it frequently be pointing people away from the “Good.”

And perhaps it might also make sense
To dispense with other “God” accoutrements, as well –
Including holy books, religious paraphernalia, and all those buildings, buildings, buildings.

Maybe it’s time for “God” to be “born again” as the “Good” –
And for this ancient shibboleth to be de-institutionalized and purified.

Everyone recognizes the “Good” when they experience it
While “God” frequently can only be identified through religious passwords –
Especially in the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and other major religious institutions
Of today.

One thought on “ARE “GOD” AND “GOOD” SYNONOMOUS? (for Bruce)

  1. You have captured the essence of my belief system.

    Not many people ‘want’ to do bad…most of us ‘feel’ good when we do good.

    Is there a downside to doing/feeling good, if there ends up being no ‘God’?

    In the (unlikely) event that God doesn’t revel in good, but rather being prayed to, feared, and praised in awe, I would have difficulty feeling good about honoring that God. Being good to others would make me feel better.

    Honor people for what they do, not what they say they believe.


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