Can one talk about God except through poetry?
No and yes,
Because without song there’d be nothing memorable to say
But God insists upon our being intelligent, or, at the very least, intelligible,
And poetry often is “not that!”

Without inspiration, (taking a spiritual breath), there’d be no God –
But that’s about breathing “in” – not “out”
Yet, when we’re talking about God, isn’t it always a mix?
Part understanding and part a tapping of the feet.

Isn’t it true that as soon as God comes to mind
Our heart wants to start singing –
Isn’t it also true that as soon as black letters hit white pages
In an attempt to describe God –
A bucket of color gets thrown over the words –
Because God is so wild, alive, and unanticipated.

A newborn baby first opening its eyes to the world
Could not be more surprised
Than a poet sitting down and starting to write anything about God.

3 thoughts on “POETRY IS OFTEN “NOT THAT!”

  1. Dear Peter, There is a series (originally made in Turkey) titled “Yunus Emre”. Your poem reminded me of it because the real Yunus Emre was a dervish and a poet in 13th century Turkey. Ralph and I have just finished the series. You might want to check it out (there are English subtitles)


    • Thank you Bobbie, I’ll check out Yunus. I’ll never even touch the robe of Rumi but I’m keeping on opening doors to find out what I can find before I’m forced one day to stop.


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