Here’s the question:

Can we be like Jesus –
I mean really like Jesus?

Or will he, instead, need to be eternally
Praying and paying
For us?

In other words,
Is it possible for each of us to communicate directly with God,
Or will we need to continue reciting denominational prayers
And forwarding them on to Jesus
For some later delivery?

Should we really be anxious about experiencing God individually –
Since, if God is Love, shouldn’t we feel free to run right to God –
Knowing God’s there, waiting for us?

Theology, steeples, sermons, and hymns –
All, in their varied ways, repeat: “Jesus is Lord” –

But that isn’t what Jesus prayed for –
Instead, he wanted each of us to become our own miracle.

He taught:

In this life – it’s you – and only you – who are eternal!


Love has no teeth
Or appetite.

Speed, size, and charisma
Are all subordinate to it.

Love is secretive – so even when fully open –
You’ll never be able to guess its timing.

Love has its own weather –
And its own meteorologists.

Love doesn’t calculate
Or attempt to gain control.

Love is immortal because, once in existence, it can’t be lost,
Eternal, because its light will never go out.

Love knows everything without thinking about it –
And is the reverse of self-importance.

Love is a letter sent to oneself
With no return address.