Studying is not the same as building a pyramid
It’s more like tasting –

Or like memory still warm from experience
Before it ages into hardness.     

Studying, as just stated, is not materialistic
It’s more like opening a window –
Forgetting you’re still inside.

What I do “know” is what I’ve never completely learned
And lost all hope of fully understanding.

Right now, a few years before death, I’m opening up to a great forgetting –
Losing substantial parts of my self –
Which, for some reason, doesn’t bother me.

So, I’m ready, now, for the final journey
When “I’ll” be completely gone –

I’m prepared to start – at this very moment –

Taking the first step
Based totally on faith.

I believe in God who I’ve never even partially understood –
Who’s colorful and poignant as the final surprise and gift –
Upon taking that first step –

The only one that matters.