Even though God is a person,
God isn’t a person, or a power,
Or even the culmination of all the thoughts that have ever been thought –

In other words, God is not an object –
God is a door.

Most of the time, however, we aren’t thinking about doors,
Much less Spirit –
Mainly, we’re thinking about ourselves,
Our possessions or troubles –
And in church,
We worship God as an object –
Much like any other object in our lives.

Sometimes, we think about death –
Another kind of door –
But not for long.

A real God, however –
The one we need so terribly,
Is always a door out of ourselves –

A door to truth, love, justice
And beauty –
That door!
The one that passing through leaves us radiant –

It’s the door to an inner garden
Where a fountain of joy can be found –

The door we wish for with all our hearts,
But almost never find –

Unconsciously, we understand how difficult ecstasy is to achieve,
And that, in order to pass through and discover it,
We need to become
Someone else –

The stranger in our dreams
We’ve always hoped to meet.