To meet God “directly,” we’ll need a more radical approach:

Assuming that we have to “go up” – i.e., ascend – in order to experience “ecstasy”
Requires, for good balance, for us to also “go low” –
Into “humility,” “modesty,” and “humbleness”

That is, in order to get high, we’ll first have to go low –
And, to meet God, face to face, we might even be required to “disappear” altogether.

In other words, an ego (much less a big ego) will never experience God “directly” –
Everyone knows this – since most male religious leaders
Possess the biggest egos – and look at how empty they’ve turned out to be.

No one talks about this –
Which is fine with God
Who prefers meeting in secret with her most un-famous friends.



If there is no God
There are no longer any boundaries either –
Which is why, recently, the world’s been filling up with supermen
Who flourish best in anti-reality.

The problem with being strong in this way, however,
Is that supermen are able to withstand enormous amounts of self-destruction
Without having to admit there’s a problem.

Eventually, of course, even supermen
Come to a “tragic end” –
Fading like a comic strip left out in the sun.

But this won’t stop newer, more contemporary supermen from still going strong –
Making up reality as they go.

Jesus warned against this kind of behavior –
Always stressing humility.

That’s why they’ve had to remake the Christian religion
From top to bottom –
So that the red capes can continue streaming –

Superman, superman, despite all your superpowers,
You aren’t really real
Are you?


Here’s how God “works” –

Just when everything’s looking good
And our humility’s decided to take a hike –
God will place a few unexpected obstacles in our path
To trip us up.

Isn’t it obvious that the more humility we’re able to retain –
The more our capacity for love can grow –
Which is why God wants us to experience a few failures.

God encourages greater humility to accompany increasing success
So we can continue experiencing our vulnerability.

It’s like riding a bike – the faster we go –
The less thought we need to give to what we’re doing.

This is what God wants
And what Jesus gave his life demonstrating:

“One eye on ourselves
And the other on God” –

If we can live this way
We’ll find God and ourselves
Becoming friends, at last.