To meet God “directly,” we’ll need a more radical approach:

Assuming that we have to “go up” – i.e., ascend – in order to experience “ecstasy”
Requires, for good balance, for us to also “go low” –
Into “humility,” “modesty,” and “humbleness”

That is, in order to get high, we’ll first have to go low –
And, to meet God, face to face, we might even be required to “disappear” altogether.

In other words, an ego (much less a big ego) will never experience God “directly” –
Everyone knows this – since most male religious leaders
Possess the biggest egos – and look at how empty they’ve turned out to be.

No one talks about this –
Which is fine with God
Who prefers meeting in secret with her most un-famous friends.

One thought on “ABOVE AND BELOW

  1. To experience the Universe in all its glory and goodness (God for short),
    Requires going dark

    Not the dark of death, nor the dark of sadness or fear,
    The dark of solitude

    The solitude of calmness, the slowing of the heart, the quieting of the brain, the awareness of how small we are compared to the flow of the cosmos.

    Our reward is peace and joy; the peace of realizing that all will be fine and the joy of having the blessing of being part of it all.

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