Once you become nothing – that is, no thing,
You instantly become a door –
A spiritual door that, once entered,
It’s possible to find your “true self.”

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much “work” to surrender one’s ego
Since it’s only “dead weight” accumulated from birth –
Manufactured and transmitted by culture, politics, society, and religion.

It’s surprisingly easy to find your true self – the easiest thing in the world –
But does take courage
Because you have to give up everything
That is, the glorious ego you pieced together over a lifetime.

Easy, because you’re already “there” – beyond ego – without consciously knowing it –

Yes, it’s true, you can find your “true self” at any moment –
Your very own spiritual “pearl.”

3 thoughts on “AT ANY MOMENT

  1. Lovely, just lovely.
    When I think about what you said, ‘…being already there…’, I think that if you are far enough along to realize something is not quite right inside you…and you are beginning to ‘see’ the need for change (the door), then…you are already there.

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  2. Hi Peter,

    I like this entry a lot.

    If we can shed our egos while we are still alive and in this world, we can be spiritually freed to know our true self even before we make our passage to the other side (which is how I see our physical dying). This is a very liberating thought. I like the way you wrote about this.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Mary in a couple of days!


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