God is hardest to acknowledge
When life seems easy.

God appears most frequently to hearts that suffer –
Not those on vacation.

Suffering never ends
But neither does joy.

Joy and suffering make up a bi-colored ball –
Each failing to come into existence without the other.

In fact, we only experience joy
To the same degree we’re willing to suffer.

Isn’t that life
As a human being?

One thought on “LIFE AS A HUMAN BEING

  1. I like it, I like it!!!!
    For me, not sure that there is no end to suffering/joy, I’ve always told my kids, ‘…when you are really down…good stuff is already in the mail…likewise when you are at the top of your game…bad stuff is in the mail. When you have learned to handle failure with the same aplomb, you have achieved one of life’s critical lessons.

    Balance…balance…not just for Karate…for WHOLE LIFE…

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