What does it mean when the Bible says God speaks in a “still small voice” or a “whisper”?

I think it means that you won’t commonly discover God speaking through the pulpit of a church, synagogue, mosque or other institutional religious setting – much less through the electronic media.

It means God prefers to talk “one on one” –
So you’ll need to find the right kind of space and silence
Necessary to hear what God’s been trying to say to you.

I think only a “true self” is able to actually “hear” God
Because if it’s our ego that’s doing the listening, all it will ever hear is its own ego self –
Refracted back onto itself –
Along with affirmations of self,
Accolades for self, and
Lots and lots of justifications for self.

The kind of space and silence needed by a true self to hear God
Is spiritually known as the “sacred ground of being” –
For example, if you are asking to hear the truth from God
That’s what you will hear.

If you respectfully request the presence of God, you’ll always get God –
However, it’ll usually be in a still small voice or quiet whisper –
Heart to heart –
One on one.