People imagine a cartoon God
Because, too much of their time, they are living cartoon lives.

If true reality ever touched them
They might simply disappear.

Historically, it was easier to believe in a cartoon god
As a “drum major” for cartoon selves – that is, for our “egos”–
Rather than engage in an earnest search for a “real” God.

Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed all taught God was “spirit,”
And, given that a “true self” also is spirit –
And in the same sense –
There always existed a possibility of ecstatic “marriage” between the two.

If we believe God is a material God acting in a material world –
Then that is a complete misunderstanding of who God is – and what the world is.

Instead, God is “love,”
And that’s how we meet God – in love relationships.

God is “truth,”
Another good way to meet God – when we have the courage to tell the truth.

God is “justice” –
We encounter God each time we take a just action.

Finally, God is “beauty” –
So appreciating the beauty in our lives is another excellent way to experience God.

God, and our relationship to God, really, have nothing to do with “egos”
Or materialistic searches for “wealth,” “power,” or “notoriety” –

Instead, God is spirit and only spirit –

And that’s what the “true self” is too.

2 thoughts on “GOD IS SPIRIT

    • This is what I wrote my book about. I think what’s “inside” us that can touch God is one’s “true self”. If one isn’t aware of what that is, i.e.,, if one is only an ego (or multiple egos), then I think it would be difficult for that person to find God “inside”. Of course, I also believe that God is a “spirit” outside of ourselves – in nature, in other people, in the universe, and in infinite ways beyond the ability of human beings to describe. I’m totally in love with that God and the longer the relationship lasts, the deeper it gets. I’ve said this before Bruce – if you ever fall in love with God, there’s no telling how far or how deep it’ll go.


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