If love is the “background reality” of the universe
Then everything else must be fantasy, dreams, or other mental images,
Especially if driven by ambition, desire for fame, or accumulation of power and riches.

If God is love,
Then traditional worship practices, systematic theology, and ancient church structures
Are just so much “straw” out in the fields of spiritual life –

In sum, since love is the only true reality
Why are we talking about anything else?

Of course, when we talk about love –
We’re talking about intelligent love
We’re talking about freedom as a pre-condition to love,
And we’re talking about three-dimensional love –
Not the paper version,



I want to be someone who, effortlessly, falls through interstices –
Who enjoys tumbling through –
Because God is alive there, and, pretty much,
Nowhere else.

You might believe a spiritual life can be built
One brick at a time –
But this is an illusion –
Instead, you’ll find you’ve only built a wall
Separating yourself from yourself.

It’s been said that no one who looks directly at God can survive –
But that’s incorrect –
No “false self” can do it –
Since artifice immediately dissolves upon the appearance of God.

Only a true self
Can look at God and survive
Because a true self is spiritually indivisible –

In other words,
“God” is able to look at God
Any time at all.


If the God you worship is a true God –
But your heart lives in a trash dump –
What do you think you’ll see when you look at God?

If your mind is full of dead snakes
That you mainly enjoy counting –
Then a God who’s constantly offering fresh spiritual life
Will probably never get noticed by you.

If you believe life is truly a miracle –
Spontaneous – one of a kind –
Why restrict yourself to a regular routine –
Never contemplating the possibility of surprises?

If you don’t deeply yearn for the Spirit –
And always hold tight to the material –
One day you’ll discover your heart’s been moving in the opposite direction from joy.

Materialism isn’t bad, per se – it’s what sustains the Spirit –
But if our hearts only desire more things –
While refusing to open up to the Spirit –

Eventually – we’ll fall down –
Turn to dust
And blow away.

So say the prophets.


People, today, are much too busy to think about God –
Too busy to pray – and also –
Too busy to even notice the brilliance of Nature’s seasonal displays.

God wanted to get people over their material obsessions to live a more spiritual life –
But, unfortunately, people haven’t been concerned about that at all.

Increasing numbers of people are moving ever more quickly through their lives –
Like human bullets shot from birth –
Ignoring their need for slowness – that is, taking their time.

God is surprised at this –
But shouldn’t be.

A wind is rising, but nobody notices
Since they’re situated so deep inside their office parks.

Flowers have been releasing exquisite odors all morning
But peoples’ noses are stuck deep inside their coffee cups.

God gave us a natural world in which to live
But we’ve constructed a separate world designed for conventional lives.

I think we’ve already made our choice:

The only question being –
Is it truly irrevocable?