Women are becoming steadily more free –
And this is a good thing –
Yet, there’s still no female world hero
To model ourselves upon.

No female avatar.
Or messiah.

Women will only become completely free
When we can see a woman act as God would act –
Talk as God would talk –
And look as God would look –
If God were a human being.

Jesus did this, so did Buddha and Mohammed –
But, now, it’s a woman’s turn.

For humanity, as a whole, to become fully human
Women have to start becoming so “like God”
That we can actually see them living this in real life.

Recently, there’s been an increasing desire for women to achieve this –
Just look at all the movies filling up with female action heroes
Reflecting this long-repressed human desire.

It’s important, though, for the first one to actually arrive –
It might be “the purest-hearted girl in the world” from the Southern Hemisphere –
Who’ll teach us everything we need to know –
Who’ll embody God so we can see
What’s been lacking that can save us



Over time, God’s biblical names have turned to ashes –
And begun drifting down –
Each ancient name a wasted universe.

Even though the names are “pretty dead” by now –
God doesn’t miss them – at all.

People don’t want an original God anymore – it’s just too much reality to bear –
Instead, they’ve substituted smaller, ersatz Gods – stuffed animals, really –
In order to get themselves to sleep – while still being awake.

Since most people will never be privileged to see, hear, or experience God themselves –
They’ve authorized the construction of large stone structures –
Each topped by a white arrow that points straight up –
Symbolizing that something’s up there!

But actually nothing’s there.

So, when people decide they no longer want a real God any longer –
And begin worshipping their own fabulous human productions instead –
They begin feeling an increasing spiritual hunger –
That is, a strong desire to eat everything in the world
Whether money, fashion, wearable computers,
New ideas, exotic food, foreign vacations, and much much more –

As a result, it’s getting pretty hot – and heating up even more –
In a sort of reverse Vesuvius effect –
Each person an upside-down volcano – pulling “hot” materials back inside themselves.

God is appalled at this, but can do nothing
Because these people no longer exist as ordinary human beings –
Having become primarily appetites.

It is natural to eat – so long as it’s in suitable proportions –
It only becomes unnatural when it’s gotten completely out of control –
For example, when one tries to “eat” enough to fill the gap left by a missing real God.

Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed all warned us against this –
When our appetites become more important than other human beings, or even God –
When appetites take over and start devouring our human spirit.

The strongest materialistic forces in the world have been steadily pushing this –
With global capitalism out in front –

The advertising and public relations campaign runs as follows:

“Become appetites, little ones –
Don’t even think about God –

After all, you can’t “eat” God,
Can you?”


“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” 12 Mathew 32

The religious traditions that exclude women from a central role vis-à-vis God flagrantly sin against the Holy Spirit. By imposing strictures against women’s relationship with God, especially in preaching and teaching, men, in direct opposition to Jesus’ admonition, are forcefully diminishing the Holy Spirit by restricting it to one half of the human race – since the Holy Spirit is, of course, freely available to all human beings, not just to a single sex, and, certainly – not just to males.

So, what is it that men have been so afraid of? Is it that women’s natural love of nature implies they might also have the potential to be more intimate with God as well? And is that why men, so very long ago, felt an urgent need to manufacture a male “exemplar” God to prima facie exclude all images of women from the godhead? Or might it have been an even deeper fear – that God might actually possess strong feminine aspects?

There’s also been a lack of “inwardness” in our postmodern lives. It’s far easier to project human intelligence “outward” into science and technology, finance and politics, than “inward” where thinking inevitably has to confront emotions and feelings. Ironically, the outward “male” path is easier to follow than the inward “female” one because it’s so difficult for one’s rational thinking to sort out one’s emotions and feelings – especially when we become so “attached” to the latter. However, that’s where most of the “juice” in human life resides – along with an ability to get “real things done.”

Here’s the problem: in men’s traditional approach to religion, “spirit” has not been taken very seriously, while materialism has been avidly worshipped. As a result, the spiritual visions of Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed have, over time, become transformed by the religious institutions established in their name into a kind of ersatz spirituality – shading into frequently violence-tinged “spiritual materialism.” This has created the kind of spiritual imbalance that, one day, might flip humanity into a final tragic cycle of self-destruction.

The “hard” male-dominant social structures that have created this spiritual imbalance – i.e., the world’s vast, almost child-like, yet extraordinarily expensive military organizations, the constantly morphing multinational corporations, and the West’s “sacred” capitalist economic structures – by common consensus have now gone too far and are currently threatening humanity’s very existence.

In light of all of this, isn’t it time – even past time – to think about spiritually starting all over again – and modestly and respectfully requesting women’s help?


1. Why the Southern Hemisphere?

Because the Northern Hemisphere finds its primary meaning in technological materialism. It’s difficult to gain much spiritual perspective living inside an essentially nonspiritual world that’s largely unexamined. Yes, the South has been influenced by all of this, but has managed to retain most of its “humanness” – especially with respect to God, nature, and purely human qualities.

2. Why female?

Because I believe men have taken human spirituality about as far as possible for them. As a result, the world’s current spiritual state appears to be fairly exhausted. I believe it’s time for an amazing new vision of God and humanity, including what the men have already achieved, but going much farther, wider, and deeper – that will result in a fading out of the extreme violence of men, along with their rigid hierarchical systems and harsh competitiveness – to make room for more enduring spiritual qualities – like truth, love, justice, and, given the natural spiritual openness of women – beauty.

3. The prophet.

A female prophet of our time has already appeared – Arundhati Roy – who has been speaking out fearlessly on behalf of God in a sharp critical analysis of the current state of our world. She needs our attention and support.

4. Why will “the purest girl in the world” need to be an avatar?

Even though she’ll be a part of an emerging deeply human spiritual movement, some person has to embody (as if straight from God) the best humanity is capable of achieving at a given point in time. She’ll be that person, and more – she’ll be able to explain everything we need to reconcile humanity with God, nature, and one another. She’ll also embody a greater intelligent-love (if you can imagine that) than Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed – because she’ll be starting at the point at which they left off.

Again, I’m calling for you little one – we need you to arrive as soon as possible!


Babies are totally open to God – arriving in the form of pure energy. Since they come straight from God, they’re completely natural upon arrival. But after a surprise landing in this world, they need to figure out how to survive – in this given time and place. So they do, but the cost is high. They’re faced with the necessity of becoming someone people who’re already here are able to recognize and the culture use. Since they’re raised by parents – people who’ve already made the requisite compromises – the baby should ultimately find itself able to “fit in”.

So, this baby, who started out life as a tiny energy “sun,” will eventually start dimming because so much of her natural energy will be perceived as being “alien” to her surroundings. There’re no human words for the kind of energy that doesn’t fit into this world – only God has the precise words for that.

Eventually, the baby matures – becoming a “person,” developing her own ego, and eventually becoming an “integral part of society”.

By that time, the baby, unfortunately, will have lost much of the beautiful spontaneous energy God had originally provided her with.

Someday, however, that baby – once an adult – might begin wondering where all her previous energy had gone and whether it might ever be regained. She might even begin remembering what it was like to live in “the Garden,” and realize that, in order for her to return, she might have to give up everything.

Happily, though, she’ll soon come to understand that, since she’s no longer a child and is now capable of an adult’s understanding, she’ll be able, if she so decides, to start living as an adult and recapturing all her original energy – by giving up her ego and start living as her true self .

That’s when she’ll be met with the necessity of surrendering – not everything as she had at first thought – but only her self-created false ego.

If her ego presses her hard, however – and it probably will – not to let it go –
She’ll let go anyway – like a balloon that simply floats away into the blue!

That’s what Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed did –
And that’s what she’ll do too.


They’ve gotten too big! – I mean Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed – like a succession of Macy’s Day Parade balloons. But how did this happen since, at one time, they were human beings just like us? Continuous attention by large numbers of people over a long period of time accomplished it. Hundreds of millions of minds and hearts focused on a few individuals over millennia and, eventually, you’ll create something that’s no longer human – just giant light projections bouncing off the dark insides of people’s heads.  The psychic wattage has just been enormous.

In turning attention back to ourselves, we seem so small in comparison.  All three of these people repeatedly told us that they were just human beings. But that made no difference once they physically left us – because institution-building in each case had gotten well underway.

So how can we get them back down to earth without seeming disrespectful?  We’re certainly thankful for their existence – for their time with us – it was a good thing.  But such deep and largely unreflective worship has gotten us diverted from our duty to respect ourselves, as well as being a major distraction from God – who lives in our own hearts.

We’ve been on the way a long time now, and we’re finally ready to arrive!

We’ll begin by engaging with God and our true selves directly – not with a giant projection. Then, we’ll open up the colorful gift of joy secretly placed in our hearts – that little present God provided us at birth – to be opened only on the day we wake up spiritually.

This present was not one given to Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed – because they’ve already opened their own special gifts –

No, this present was given solely to us

A personal joy – straight from God!